In the quaint village of Ridgeway, Ontario you will find this Boutique Style Bakery and Cake studio known as Niagara Cake Artistry. And in the heart of this studio you will find Nancy; owner, designer, baker and to many “The Happy Baker.” From a small child her passion for baking and decorating was already apparent!


As a graduate student of George Brown College, Nancy began her career in the competitive world of graphic design. This led to the creative design of wedding cakes!

With further graduate studies at the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts in Toronto Ontario, Nancy has taken away additional knowledge and experience from some of the best cake designers in Canada. This has elevated her desire to open the Boutique Bakery & Cake Studio known as Niagara Cake Artistry.

Drawing from her talents in design and art she started her business in 1997as The Happy Baker. Creating beautiful edible treats are her specialty. Not only is each custom design beautiful, it is made with the finest and freshest ingredients. Nancy puts her unique touch and creativity to work on every project she undertakes, and employs her imagination to make each product a one-of-a-kind creation. With her one-on-one customer service to help you through the creative process, she is attentive to listen to your ideas and compliment them with her wisdom, experience, creativity and imagination.


 Niagara Cake Artistry is a passionate 

extension of 

Nancy as a person, her artistic talent, love of baking and soulful spirit. 

Her vision is for you to have an unforgettable 

experience in the process of creating a beautiful and

 delectable wedding cake, 

and or custom made treats.

At Niagara Cake Artistry the goal is truly 

“Everything Beautiful”.